This season, we are very excited to announce that there is a new BLUEFIN. The new BLUEFIN is a 37 ft. Repco Downeast Fishermen built and designed specifically for fishing in New England waters with Captain Mike Marro, with over 2 decades of charter fishing experience, featured in Sport Fishing Magazine and has won many fishing tournaments.

Located in Clinton, CT, Bluefin Sportfishing Charters is one of the premier Connecticut Charter fishing boats on the Shoreline. Our close proximity to such locations as Six Mile Reef, Long Sand Shoal, East Rip and even Southwest Reef where Greg Myerson caught the all-tackle world record striped bass weighing 81.88 lbs. With all these locations within 4 miles of where the Bluefin is docked, we do not have to waste time traveling to catch you a striped bass of a lifetime.


The Captain reserves the right to make cancellations due to weather up to the time of departure. You will be fully refunded if an alternative date is not available.

  • The Captain has the right to return to the dock should anyone become disorderly.
  • Everyone deserves a safe and entertaining trip.
  • Children under six years of age are not allowed on Inshore Trips.
  • Children under nine years of age are not allowed on Offshore Trips.
  • It is the Captain’s policy that no hard liquor or illicit drugs be brought on board.
  • Fishing is subject to all State and Federal regulations in effect.

To conserve our resources, please only take what you will use.